Colonnade Capital Partners, LLC was founded at the University of Virginia in December 2015

Colonnade Capital Partners, LLC at the University of Virginia, formerly Raven Capital Partners, LLC, is one of the few student-owned funds in the nation, where students are Partners. Colonnade Capital is funded by over 30 Partners every year with total capital commitments of over $100,000. Following each school year, previous Partners may continue investing their capital or leave the fund to make room for new partners. Additionally, Analysts are invited to join the fund without a capital commitment in order to gain valuable investing experience and contribute their unique ideas.


Our Investment Philosophy

Colonnade Capital aims to continue the culture of investing at the University of Virginia by providing an investment vehicle where students can actively invest and benefit from 1) diversification among ideas 2) hedging strategies and 3) the structure of a hedge fund. The fund will primarily run a concentrated long/short strategy but will have the ability to invest in other instruments. Colonnade strives to create a stronger network between the three investment clubs at UVA: the McIntire Investment Institute, the Alternative Investment Fund, and Smart Women's Securities. Colonnade aims to consistently outperform its benchmark, the S&P 500, over time.